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Excellent! Really good AI artwork, I am glad somebody knows how to get the best results from those programs. These make terrific battlebacks or splash screens for post-apocalyptic games. Some of those rooms would be really good in a point-n-click or visual novel adventure.

Thanks so much! I know most people have mixed feelings on AI art (myself included) but I'm glad someone appreciates the time and effort that goes into these.

I think a lot of people believe AI artwork is in it's infancy when in fact if you know the tools, you can get spectacular output with the right input ideas. These screens might have taken even the most gifted artist several months to produce without help but knowing the software means you can produce them in a single day. This is mega-winning for indies who can't afford a year's wages for some battlebacks or menu screens if somebody can produce them with these enhanced tools much quicker than 6 months of work. I encourage you to keep refining your skills in this arena I bet that people who know how to coach AI for the best results will soon find that as the AI increases it's quality there will be a subsequent need for people who know their semantics. I've been trying over on Wombo to produce some card graphics and the results have been good but not even a fraction of how well formed these are.